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Virtual Imagery and Composite
Group   Shots

Composite shots - Created on white background and digitally placed with new backgrounds.
Composited group shot including three individual portraits and a new background
Sample of three individual subjects combined into a group shot.
Business Casual Composite Group Shot on Virtual Background
Sample of what can be done with Advertising Cutouts

Using masking technology, similar to the "green screen" effects employed in movie making, we are able to digitally extract your image making a cutout that can be placed in front of virtually any type of background.  While they look great on a standard white background they are also extremely versatile.  Individuals can be photographed in studio or on location in front of a plain background and later composited into a group shot with an office background.  

This is a great approach for Team Photos where team members may tend to come and go.  It's quite simple to add or remove team members, thus eliminating the need for a new team shot with every employee change.

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